Recently I had the error “No route in the route table matches the supplied values” while building a new DXA application and found it difficult to pinpoint the issue. It would fail on the moment when it tries to render the Region, @Html.DxaRegions("ApaRegion2")

It seems to be an issue with the Default Module, and for me to fix it I updated the Web.config file and specified the name of the default Module in my web project, “Website”.

Here is the code in the Web.config that helped me:

Also, while debugging this I found a helpful Route Debugger package from Nuget,

The article is from 2008, but it’s still relevant and works well to see our routing info.

Good luck and hope this helps!

Author: Robert Curlette

Robert organizes the Tridion Developer Summit, likes teaching workshops on SDL Tridion, and helps customers implement solutions with SDL Tridion, DD4T, and Alchemy GUI Extensions. If you would like help, please contact me.