Tridion Implementations: From start to finish


  • Provide on-site support of your team to develop excellent Tridion solutions, resulting in shorter development time and higher quality
  • Provide code samples to support the learning process.
  • Provide follow-up consulting to support the development team.

Tridion .Net Web Application Development

  • We develop web applications using the .Net Framework to integrate seamlessly with SDL Tridion.
  • Create solutions with the Tridion Dynamic Delivery Framework (DD4T) and .Net MVC Framework.
  • Customize the CMS with .Net Web Applications using JavaScript, .Net, and the Core Service API.


  • Define architecture – Dynamic DD4T or static templates (DWT or Razor)
  • Discuss with the developers and teach them the Tridion APIs (if needed), or with experienced teams, describe the templates we need and create the function libraries that will support these templates.
  • Program templates using the latest .Net Framework and Java APIs
  • Deploy code to Test server and work with test team to develop solid test plans
  • Coordinate with project management the timelines and ensure on-time delivery


  • Provide template and custom programming support for existing Tridion projects
  • Help new developers understand the solution and get comfortable with the code base
  • Help editors and authors work with the CMS

Tridion upgrades:

  • Audit your existing Tridion implementation and write an upgrade guide highlighting attention points in the upgrade
  • Provide support for migrating existing templates and custom pages
  • Help test the migrated site to make sure it works 100%
  • Provide teaching and coaching support for the new APIs

Functional Support

  • Identify Content types
  • Work with the editorial team to refine the schemas
  • Identify the templates
  • Plan the programming process

Extending your Tridion implementation lifetime:

  • Reliable support and maintenance of your existing Tridion templates and code base
  • Upgrading the Tridion system to be within the SDL Tridion supported versions list
  • Helping new developers learn the Tridion APIs
  • Maintaining your existing code base

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