The first Tridion Developer Summit was a huge success. I hoped we would have 60 people and 120 showed up. We enjoyed great presentations all day, accompanied by excellent weather and great colleagues. To make the event I spent every waking hour to organize all the details that went into the day, which required emails – and lots of them. A lunch break meant coming back to 30+ emails. I’m a developer, I’m not used to this! But, the results were very much worth it. Below I describe with photos the flow of the day. We don’t have photos of me staying too long in the shower in the morning, or trying to carry 120 t-shirts for the 10 minute walk to the venue, or Ryan and Rob helping me carry the T-Shirts that I left behind in the bushes when I couldn’t go any further. But, we get the view from the participants of the event, and this is the most important. Enjoy!

The day starts with a boat trip, organized by Minko Scheltinga (next to Monica) with music provided by Quirijn Slings.

After a welcome from me and a nice Keynote from Nuno, with MVP awards given out by Dennis van der Veeke, and a closing from Nuno with 10 points about Tridion 2015, we were all set to start the day.

Rob Stevenson-Leggett and Ryan Durkin led the first talk in the big room talking about Continuous Integration.

All talks were quite interesting, and we even had the chef Will Price on hand to cook up a delicious SI4T recipe!

Everyone enjoyed the good weather and caught up with old friends and colleagues in the breaks.

Finally, Quirijn Slings ended the day with an amazing Tridion song. 🙂


It was my first time organizing any event and it was a huge undertaking. However, with the great support of Minko Scheltinga for finding the venue & boat, Ingmar Umans for same day badges and rope cutting, Quirijn Slings and Ron Grisnich (of Trivident) and Ryan Durkin (of Building Blocks) for early support, Nuno Linhares and Ericka Marquez from SDL for their belief, Teodora Dimcheva (Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Lead Creative manager), Tahzoo for the drinks sponsorship, Repros NL for printing, Frog Reclame for the bags, the Undercurrent for the venue, and finally you for being there – it was an amazing day!

Quirijn Sings

Boat ride to Venue








Author: Robert Curlette

Robert organizes the Tridion Developer Summit, likes teaching workshops on SDL Tridion, and helps customers implement solutions with SDL Tridion, DD4T, and Alchemy GUI Extensions. If you would like help, please contact me.